Welcome to the world of recycled Blobs!

The Compactor takes empty boxes and squishes them down into new Blobs. Recycled blobs may not be as pristine as new blobs, but they are just as loveable.


Ten empty Boxes
equals one recycled Blob.

To request a gradient Blob, you will need to collect

  1. Two solid Blobs with matching traits but different colors
  2. One Spray Paint

After collecting the required NFTs, submit your details below. We will check your wallet to confirm and then request that you burn the Spray Paint. You will get to keep the two solid Blobs, and Blob Lab will airdrop the resulting gradient Blob to your wallet.

Additional Rules and Notes:

  • Blob Lab will decide which color goes on top vs bottom and any item colors.
  • Once a gradient Blob is created, those two solid Blobs cannot be used together again.
  • Make sure to check on the Gradients on OpenSea to ensure your match hasn’t been painted.

colors & traits

The base color is determined by the majority Box color. For example, if you collect 5 yellow, 3 blue, and 2 red Boxes the base color would be yellow. If you have an equal amount, like 5 yellow and 5 blue, you get to submit what base color you would like your recycled Blob to be.

The secondary flake color and Blob traits are random. We take all the boxes, grind them up, toss them into the compactor, and see what magical Blob pops out.

REQUEST A recycled blob

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