Introducing Printables

Printables are small monthly designer toys made to be 3D printed. With the rise of accessible and easy to use printers, we are on the cusp of a decentralized manufacturing revolution. Everyone will soon be able to print and collect unique designer toys! Each month Blob Lab will release new designs that will be available to download and print via the links below. Commercial licenses are also available for makers and print shops who want to sell the collectibles. Each new design will also be available to mint for collectors who want the digital artwork.

PRint Files




Commercial License

Below are ways to purchase a commercial license that grants the right to sell 3D prints of Blob Lab designs. The license is valid as long as you hold an active subscription or digital token. The digital print files are protected under copyright law and are never to be resold, shared, or distributed in any form, modified or otherwise.


Blob Collectors

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