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Is moving to a new contract!


Here at the Blob Laboratory, we have perfected the most bulbous characters to ever walk in the metaverse. Each Blob is meticulously handcrafted with a unique combination of traits. Each Blob is a 1 of 1 and a proud member of the Blob Mob. The Blobs will be released on OpenSea as NFTs and can be collected, used as a profile photo, traded, or sold. Each Blob also acts as a perpetual commercial license for Printables.

Blobs Gallery

How to collect

All drops have sold out!! Blobs can now only be collected via secondary sales or achievements.

Join the Discord to chat with your fellow Blobs and work out a deal!


Only 999 Blobs will ever exist. The Blobs will be released in Mobs of 100. Once a Mob sells out, the next one will be released shortly after. Around 200 Blobs have been reserved for special events and the Lab. Below is the pricing and roadmap.

Mob One: Sold Out
Mob Two: Sold Out
Spray Booth
‍Mob Three: Sold Out
Mob Four: Sold Out
Mob Five: Sold Out
Mob Six: Sold Out
Mob Seven: Sold Out
Mob Eight: Sold Out

Welcome to the lab

Some Blobs cannot be bought. To obtain the unobtainable please enter the Laboratory. In the Lab you may find documentation on rarity and future experiments.


You now can own a limited edition physical vinyl toy.
Available while supplies last in the store.