Spray booth

Welcome to the colorful world of
Blob customization!

The Spray Booth is a new feature
that allows Blobs to be painted with a beautiful gradient.


Two Blobs with matching traits and different colors
plus Spray Paint
equals one gradient Blob.

To request a gradient Blob, you will need to collectTwo solid Blobs with matching traits but different colorsOne Spray PaintAfter collecting the required NFTs, submit your details below. We will check your wallet to confirm and then request that you burn the Spray Paint. You will get to keep the two solid Blobs, and Blob Lab will airdrop the resulting gradient Blob to your wallet.Additional Rules and Notes:Blob Lab will decide which color goes on top vs bottom and any item colors.Once a gradient Blob is created, those two solid Blobs cannot be used together again.Make sure to check on the Gradients on OpenSea to ensure your match hasn’t been painted.


There are only 100 Spray Paints. Spray Paint will be dropped throughout the course of the project. Some will be reserved for giveaways, but the majority will be raffled for sale to existing collectors for 0.2 ETH. Spray Paint can also be bought and sold on the secondary market until it’s final collector burns it for a gradient Blob. To stay up to date on drops and to enter the raffle, join the Discord.


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