Minting December 8th

Built on
THE blockchain
MADE in real life

What are JOYRIDES?

Joyrides are collectible NFTs that are built on the blockchain and made in real life!

Joyrides are inspired by minimal designer toys. The low-poly style is designed from the ground up to be easily 3D printed. Every single Joyride is modular allowing anyone to create a whole swappable fleet of physical racers.

Joyride Parts can be combined into completed Joyrides. Every Joyride will be sold as a physical in the Blob Lab online store. Collectors who create a Joyride get a free physical as well as a royalty of any additional physical sales.



Joyrides begin as two NFT parts: Tops and Bases.

There are 3000 Tops and 3000 Bases. Tops come in a variety of vehicle styles ranging from muscle cars to RVs. Bases come in a range of colors and wheel styles. Watch out! You might get a flat tire!

Collect and combine a Top and Base to create your own unique Joyride! There are multiples of each Part, but your creation can be a 1 of 1.





After you create your Joyride, you can order a physical or download files to print as many as you want! You can even select a bangin’ background color for the NFT.


Physical collectibles

Every combined Joyride will be sold in Blob Lab store for anyone to purchase. Collectors who created a Joyride will be able to order a physical version for free. Collectors also receive a 5% royalty of any additional physical sales of their Joyride. Joyrides even come with 3D files so you can print your own at home or upload the files to your favorite metaverse world.


LAUNCH - December 2022

December 8: Joyride Parts Free Mint

  • Minting opens for everyone, no allow list, no wait list, just good old fashion open mint.

January 19: Wrench Mint

  • After minting out Joyride Parts, Wrenches will be available to Mint for .09 ETH.

Late January: Body Shop Opens

  • After Wrench mint opens, the Body Shop will allow collectors to use a Wrench to combine two Joyride Parts into a completed Joyride.

Early February: Print Shop Opens

  • Physicals of completed Joyrides will be available to purchase.

Late February: Joyrides Begin Shipping

  • Orders will be printed and shipped from Blob Lab HQ on a first come first serve basis.